LPG Norge

You can find our LPG stations all over the country. On the left, you can find links to information about all our stations listed by privince. You can also use the interactive map below to find and click on the station of your needs.


Here you can buy or refill LPG cylinders of all kind for household use, heating or to use in caravans. In addition, you can refuel autogas for LPG-operated vehicles.

The stations are listed in alphabetical order within their respective provinces.

We are constantly expanding our network of filling stations. We are today around 40 stations in our chain, spread out from north to south. In 2013 we expect to start up 5 new stations!


LPG Norway is a nation-wide chain of LPG stations for filling LPG cylinders as well as Autogas for LPG-operated vehicles.
All our stations are manned during regular opening hours on weekdays, and reduced opening hours on weekends. For exact opening hours contact the station(s) you will be using while staying in Norway.

Our filling stations have adapters for filling almost all types of cylinders and cars. (with a few exceptions of rare connections). If you are uncertain about the connection you have please contact one of our stations to clarify if they have an adapter that will fit your connection.

Most of our stations have 24 hour payment terminals and accept major credit cards for filling autogas. Our website contains updated information about which stations are open 24 hours and other extended information.

Enjoy your stay in Norway and have a pleasant vacation!

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